Find Your Voice

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Breath Ensemble at the Community Music School of Ann Arbor

The Breath Ensemble experiments with the power of playing together as a team and celebrates the individuality and variety in how one approaches air and sound. Concepts covered include scales, rhythm, air, motion, tone color, dynamics, and resonance.

Private Flute Lessons

Melissa offers private flute and piccolo lessons for musicians of all ages in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is a wonderful way to strengthen your musical experience, while also providing new opportunities and wonderful repertoire for you to find your true voice with music.

Voice Lessons

Melissa also teaches voice lessons privately.  Melissa holds an Advanced Diploma in Voice with Honors from the Eastman Community Music School, where she studied with Patricia Alexander, mother of Renee Fleming.

"It is Melissa's care and interest that has fostered our daughter's own musical interest and motivation. She truly is a gifted and special teacher. We are so lucky to have crossed paths with her."  - Parent Feedback, 2017

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